who we are

A family owned farming business specializing in compost, seed and agricultural services. Our passions are products and services that lend themselves to the success of our customers. From the farm to the flower box, proper soil care is pivotal to a healthy yield. And we work hard to maintain that.

We offer one on one consultations for projects of any scale. Through safe, natural practices we strive for your success; whether that’s the highest yields in the town or the biggest blossoms on the block. We would love to help.

Products and Services

 compost and soil

Our compost and soil products work hard hand in hand or individually to start, restore, or maintain all growing projects. We take nature’s system and individualize it for your specific needs.

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We sell quality and clean seed for a wide variety of landscaping and agricultural applications. You can be assured a quality seed for all your needs.

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Our agricultural services help you decide and implement strategies for optimal soil management that will ensure the success of projects on all scales.

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